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Top Accommodation Options in Rome


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When you’re planning a trip to the Eternal City, one of the first questions you might ask is, “Where is the best place to stay in Rome?” With its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture, Rome offers a plethora of accommodation options to suit every traveler’s needs. Whether you’re visiting for 3 days or a more extended period, finding the right place to stay is crucial to enjoying your Roman holiday. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the top accommodation options in Rome, so you can make an informed decision and make the most of your stay.

Why Choosing the Right Accommodation Matters

Before we dive into the specifics of where to stay in Rome, let’s touch on why your accommodation choice is so significant. Rome is a city of neighborhoods, each with its unique character and attractions. Where you choose to stay can greatly influence your overall experience, accessibility to sites, and your perception of Roman life. From quaint bed and breakfasts to luxury hotels, and from bustling central areas to quieter, residential neighborhoods, your accommodation sets the tone for your visit.

Where to Stay in Rome for 3 Days

If you’re planning a short visit, you’ll want to maximize your time by staying somewhere central. This will minimize travel time and ensure that you’re close to the major attractions.

The Historic Center (Centro Storico)

The Historic Center is the heart of Rome, home to landmarks such as the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, and the Trevi Fountain. Staying here means you’re within walking distance of some of Rome’s most famous sights.

Vatican City Area

For those interested in the religious and historical significance of the Vatican, staying nearby is a convenient choice. This area offers easy access to St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums, including the Sistine Chapel.


Trastevere is known for its bohemian atmosphere, with winding cobblestone streets, artisan shops, and lively nightlife. It’s a little farther from the major tourist sites but is perfect for those looking to experience the local Roman lifestyle.

Where Is the Best Place to Stay in Rome?

The best place to stay in Rome often depends on your personal preferences and the purpose of your visit. Below are some of the top picks for different types of travelers.

For First-Time Visitors: The Historic Center

If it’s your first time in Rome, staying in the Historic Center will allow you to be close to the iconic monuments and experience the city’s historic charm.

For Luxury Seekers: Via Veneto

Via Veneto is famous for its elegant hotels, upscale restaurants, and the nearby Villa Borghese gardens. This area offers a more exclusive experience.

For Nightlife Enthusiasts: Testaccio

Testaccio is the go-to neighborhood for nightlife, with an array of clubs and bars. It’s also a hub for food lovers, with the famous Testaccio Market offering a taste of authentic Roman cuisine.

For Budget Travelers: Esquilino

Esquilino is a diverse and multicultural neighborhood with a range of affordable accommodation options. It’s close to Termini Station, making it a convenient base for exploring the city.

Types of Accommodations in Rome

Rome caters to all kinds of travelers, and the type of accommodation you choose can impact your experience.


Hotels in Rome range from luxury five-star properties to budget-friendly options. They often offer amenities such as concierge services, restaurants, and sometimes even rooftop terraces with panoramic views of the city.

Bed and Breakfasts

For a more intimate and personal stay, consider a bed and breakfast. These are often family-run and provide a cozy atmosphere, as well as the chance to enjoy a traditional Italian breakfast.

Apartments and Vacation Rentals

Renting an apartment can be a cost-effective option, especially for longer stays or groups. It gives you the flexibility of self-catering and a sense of what it’s like to live in Rome.


For solo travelers or those on a tight budget, hostels are an excellent choice. They offer basic accommodations, shared rooms, and a social environment where you can meet fellow travelers.

Booking Tips and Considerations

When booking your accommodation in Rome, there are a few things to keep in mind:


Consider the proximity to the attractions you’re most interested in, as well as access to public transportation.


Think about what amenities are important to you, such as free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, or breakfast included.


Always read reviews from previous guests to get an idea of the quality and service of the accommodation.


Rome offers accommodation options for every budget, but remember that location and time of year can significantly affect the price.

Booking in Advance

Rome is a popular destination, so booking your accommodation in advance is advisable to secure your preferred option and avoid disappointment.

Seasonal Considerations

The time of year you visit Rome can also influence your decision on where to stay. During the high season (April to October), prices are generally higher, and popular areas can be crowded. In the low season, you may find better deals and a more relaxed atmosphere.


Deciding where to stay in Rome is a personal choice that should align with your travel style, interests, and budget. Whether you opt for a luxury hotel in the Historic Center, a charming B&B in Trastevere, or a budget-friendly hostel in Esquilino, Rome’s accommodation options are as diverse as the city itself. By considering the factors outlined above, you can choose the perfect base for your Roman adventure and ensure that your stay is as memorable as the city’s timeless appeal.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it certainly can’t be fully experienced in one. Wherever you choose to stay, take the time to explore, discover, and enjoy everything this magnificent city has to offer. Buon viaggio!

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